Call for Posters

Research (scientific and implementation), Case studies/Series, perspectives, and policy brief posters are invited from regional and international collaborators to be presented at the CaribbeanAssociation of Oncology and Hematology (CAOH) 12th Conference in Grenada on 11-13 July, 2024. The theme of the CAOH 2024 conference is “The Holistic Approach” and submissions are encouraged from the following categories and topics:

Epidemiology, Risks and Exposures
Health Promotion, Prevention and Screening
Health Systems, Health Policy Quality Improvement
Social, Environmental or Commercial déterminants of Heath

Advances in Care and Treatment
Implementation of Clinical Guidelines
Improving Capacity of heath care workers

Palliative Care
Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
Mental Health

Patient Perspectives
Knowledge Attitudes and Perceptions of Healthcare workers
Caregiver needs and perspectives.

Guidelines for Abstract Completion and Submission

Your abstract must be no more than 500 words (excluding title, authors, and authorship affiliation) and be formatted as follows:

  1. TITLE: Use bold type. Do not use abbreviations.
  2. AUTHORS: Begin on a new line two spaces below title. List full first names followed by surnames. The presenting author’s name should be underlined. Each author should have a superscript number that will link to his/her institution below.
  3. INSTITUTION(S): Begin on a new line immediately below Authors. List the Institute, Short Address, and Country for each of the superscript number.
  4. TEXT: Begin text on a new line 3 spaces below and arrange under the following headings:

i. Objective: State the main objective/problem examined/research question//hypothesis of the study.
ii. Design & Methods: Include information at the start of this section on the ethical approval of the study. Briefly describe the design of the study and how it was conducted, indicating sampling, sample size, procedures, measurements etc.
iii. Results: Present only the main results with an indication of variability (e.g., SD) andprecision of comparisons (e.g. 95% confidence intervals) where appropriate. Promises such as “the results will be discussed” or “other data will be presented” are discouraged.
iv. Conclusions: Limit to only those directly supported by the results.

i. Introduction: Provide an introduction to the issue and the importance for policy action.
ii. Analysis: Provide an examination and summary of evidence, and current policy approaches.
iii. Policy Options: Include an assessment of potential policy options, expected outcomes, and factors influencing their implementation.
iv. Conclusion: Summarize primary insights and policy options.

i. Introduction: Describe the significance of the topic under discussion.
ii. Areas covered: Describe the research being discussed and the literature search undertaken.
iii. Expert opinion:  State your opinion on the current status of and concepts in the field under discussion.
iv. Conclusion: Summarize the arguments provided and in support of your opinion.

i. Intro/Context: Provide clinical context and the relevance or importance the particular case/ cases.
ii. Case Presentation: A presentation of the case(s) inclusive of history, diagnostics and treatment and the main findings and outcomes
iii. Conclusion: How does this case compare to previous reports, what the lessons learned and implications for future practice

Please take note of the following instructions.

  • For further questions or clarifications, please call directly or WhatsApp 12462470102
  • The NEW deadline for submission of poster abstracts is 11:59 pm on 21st, June, 2024
  •  Abstracts must follow the guidelines included with this document and submitted to with the subject line “Abstract Submission for Posters CAOH 2024”
    • Criteria for abstract selection include:
      1. Scientific rigor (scientific merit of topic, methodological soundness)
      2. Quality of writing (clarity, grammar, flow/buildup of argument)
      3. Innovation and originality
      4. Contribution to new scientific knowledge
      5. Sustainability (opportunity for further work in the field)
    • Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their submission by 4 pm on 24th June, 2024 and digital poster submissions for accepted abstracts need to be submitted by 11:59pm on 28th June 2024
    • If accepted for presentation, an author or a representative must register and attend the conference in-person and be available to interact with the audience during poster viewing allotted times.
    • Select presenters will be allotted 3-minutes to present on their poster during the conference.
    • The completed poster and any abstract updates must be submitted by 11:59 pm on 28th June, 2024 to with the subject line “Final Poster Submission CAOH 2024”. Poster templates are below.
    • The poster sessions will be held using electronic poster displays only (there will be no printed posters at the conference)
    • Posters will be available for viewing by onsite and virtual attendees of the conference
    • Awards will be given to the poster presenters with the best
      • Oral presentation
      • Poster presentation
    • These awards will be presented on the last day of the conference.

Poster templates

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