The Caribbean Association for Oncology and Hematology. (CAOH)

The Caribbean Association for Oncology and Hematology (CAOH) emerged in 2008 as a pivotal organization in Trinidad and Tobago, uniting oncologists and hematologists dedicated to enhancing cancer care across the region. Initially conceived as a platform for medical education through biennial conferences, CAOH swiftly gained recognition for its commitment to advancing knowledge and best practices in oncology and hematology.


The mission of the CAOH is to provide knowledge and training, based on research and experiential idea exchange, that propels the region forward with established and standardized practices and protocols


The vision of CAOH is to serve as the catalyst for change in the delivery of Quality Healthcare in Oncology and Hematology across the Caribbean. 

In 2017, CAOH underwent a transformative reincorporation, expanding its mandate and embracing a more inclusive ethos. This pivotal moment marked a shift towards a broader vision of collaborative action in the fight against cancer. With a renewed focus on fostering continuous medical education, CAOH extended its reach beyond traditional medical professionals to include a diverse array of stakeholders. This inclusive approach welcomed primary care physicians, nurses, cancer patients and advocates, laboratory personnel, and members of the multidisciplinary team (MDT) into its fold.
Underpinning this evolution was a steadfast commitment to improving cancer prevention and control from a comprehensive public health perspective. Recognizing the multifaceted nature of the oncology landscape, CAOH endeavored to bridge disciplinary boundaries and cultivate a holistic approach to cancer care. By facilitating ongoing education and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, CAOH emerged as a driving force in shaping the future of cancer management in the Caribbean.
With its expanded mandate and inclusive vision, CAOH stands as a beacon of hope and progress in the region’s fight against cancer. Through its annual continuing medical education activities and collaborative initiatives, CAOH remains steadfast in its mission to advance knowledge, promote innovation, and ultimately improve the lives of those affected by cancer in the Caribbean and beyond.


CAOH 180 Burn

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Caoh Conferences

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